Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Deanna is so much fun. She always has everyone around her laughing. She is laid back and makes everyone she is with comfortable and at ease. She has a way with others. She especially has a way with our daughter Emma. She has a fantastic relationship with Emma and Ellie's birth mothers because of her ability to love unconditionally and without judgement. Deanna is a very empathetic person. She is always trying to serve others, and help alleviate their problems. She is fantastic with children. She really does have a gift with children especially our girls. She knows what Emma and Ellie need before anyone else and it is just a beautiful thing to watch her interact with them.

The other thing that I love about Deanna is the fact that she is adopted. In preparing for our journey with Adoption the firs time, we found it much easier to empathize and understand everyone involved in adoption, because Deanna has been through it by being adopted and then adopting our beautiful baby girl Emma. She has a great relationship with her Birth Mother and her Birth Father as well as Emma and Ellie's birth mothers. She will always be able to empathize with our children about the fact that they are/will be adopted, and I think that is a unique gift she can give our children.

Seeing Deanna as a Mother has been the most beautiful experience.

She is the most amazing Mother to Emma and Elianna and watching them interact together is beyond wonderful. She is patient and caring and so in tune with all of their needs. She has fun and is always interacting with them. They have such a unique bond and I know Deanna will have that bond with all of our children.

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  1. You only forgot to mention that also Diana is so much fun to be around because she will make you LAUGH the entire time! She is so funny, and has the best sense of humor just about anything.