Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Well, let's see. Our story is pretty funny.

Christian and I met in College. We were just friends, and wrote during his mission. When he got home, we caught up as friends, and ended up becoming much more which was shocking for us both. lol. We dated for about a year and then married in August of 2003. Best decision ever! After almost 12 years of marriage he is still my best friend!

When Christian and I were dating, I was so scared to tell him about the fact that due to severe Endometriosis, I probably wouldn't ever be able to have children. His response floored me when I did. He didn't care. Being with me, was all that mattered. THAT is Christian in a nutshell. Selfless, caring and unconditionally loving. I couldn't ask for a better eternal companion.

We started fertility treatments shortly after we were married. Over the course of 8 years, IVF attempts, surgeries and losing 6 babies we knew the time had come to just STOP. I myself am adopted. We wanted to adopt whether we could successfully have biological children or not, so adoption was our answer, and we loved that.

Looking back, I am so thankful for our journey. It brought us closer together than I ever thought possible. Loss and trials will do that if you let them. Emma and Ellie are our miracles through and through, and neither one of us would change the outcome. We are an eternal family of 4, and pray that someday our family can grow through the miracle of adoption once more....

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